Managed IT Services & Support

Re-active IT is the old way of doing IT, so we don’t offer it at CDM ICT.

Here’s why.

Put simply if you are calling us to fix an IT issue that you know about, we haven’t done our job as your business is disrupted and it’s costing you money.

Also re-active IT companies make money when your IT is broken, so it’s not good for them to fix the root problem as you’ll never call them and they can’t charge you to fix it.

With CDM ICT, we charge you a flat monthly fee so the more time we spend fixing re-active IT issues the worse it is for us.

We prefer to do things pro-actively, so IT ’just works‘

Things such as:

  • Pro-active automated patching of desktops and servers to reduce security issues and fix bugs
  • Pro-active real-time Anti-Virus updates
  • Pro-active Bandwidth monitoring
  • Pro-active Disk usage monitoring
  • Pro-active Application monitoring
  • Pro-active IT consulting to improve your business so your business is more efficient


Expert Managed IT Support

We are a Telstra partner and offer ICT Managed services Australia wide. Our talented team can help your business save money on internal IT and increase your business productivity through expert managed IT services. Our Managed IT Services support both small and large businesses of all types.

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