There’s lots of talk about “The cloud”. Put simply - that room full of noisy equipment is hosted offsite, safely & securely with access to it from anywhere in the world (beaches & cabanas included).

Cloud can be used for:

  • Applications to run your business (accounting systems, databases, invoicing systems etc)
  • File Storage (Storage of your windows files)
  • Email (Hosted email offsite)

The Pros of Cloud

  • Never having to do back-ups again as we do that for you
  • Never having to have that Your server is old and you need a new one
  • Much lower risk of failure as the equipment in the data centre is very high end equipment with a lower risk of failure and higher levels of redundancy
  • Your staff can work from anywhere they have a reliable connection.
  • Cloud has much higher security than your server being on-site. This is because the firewall’s that protect your data in the cloud are very high end equipment that is harder to get through.

When is cloud not for you?

Cloud is not for everybody.

Generally High Bandwidth applications such as CAD and Photoshop work best in a Hybrid cloud.

The best way to have the cloud discussion is we talk about what you do and work out if the cloud is for you - simple really.